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Is it possible for children to "automatically" become U.S. Citizens?

It's a confusing topic, complicated by difficult statutes, but let me try to clear up the question a little. First, yes, some children "automatically" acquire citizenship. That happens everyday for kids born here in the U.S. But -- and this is where...

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Executive Authority to Limit Entry Into U.S. Upheld in Supreme Court Decision

On June 26 SCOTUS issued its opinion in Trump v Hawaii (the "travel ban" case). The final outcome of the case -- not surprising -- is that the President has, and historically always has had, authority to control who may enter the...

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SCOTUS rules on Ubiquitous NTAs Issued with Date and Time TBD

by William M Stevens On June 21, the US Supreme Court ruled on the common practice of the government issuing notices to appear in immigration court, known as an NTA, or by it's form number, I-862. The NTA is very often issued with a date and time...

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